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Originally coming from contemporary dance I am now specialised on the treatment and support of physical themes through Meridian Thai Yoga Massage, Bodywork and GYROTONIC®, a  guided three-dimensional movement training with equipment, as well as Individual Movement Classes and Dance Offers for Groups.

This Webside is currently under construction and not up to date with all offers and prices.
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"Zahiro Kai works holistically and takes a lot of time for the people he works with. I find the body work with him great, because I like to do yoga, which is not a requirement. Many people I recommend to Kai are happy to be able to keep their clothes on, because the massage is basically done in comfortable clothes."
> Massage and Bodywork
Bodytherapist, 50 years
"A wonderful opportunity to gain basic knowledge in the ITMM. This training, the structure and the concept inspired me to take a closer look at the ITMM." ______________________________________________ "I particularly liked the connection between physically tangible (muscle, bone) and energetic healing (meridians) and the relaxed learning atmosphere."
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> Thai Massage Basic Training
Gymnastics Teacher, 48 years Physiotherapist, 38 years

"For ten years I have practiced with Zahiro Kai. I am 73 years old. During this time, not only my mobility and strength has been preserved, but it has increasingly built up. The training is an enrichment and joy for me."
Kai Esko trainiert im Six-One Physio Concept am Gyrotonic Geraet.
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> Training With Equipment
Pensioner, 73 Years

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