About Me

My name is Zahiro Kai Esko (Kai Walaschewski) . I am a bodywork therapist, movement and massage teacher and an alternative (non medical) practioner in Berlin.

As a trained contemporain dancer, the human body in movement had been always a fascination to me. Now working in the field of health, I combine as a therapist/trainer and teacher the balancing effect of energetic bodywork with the dynamic effect of a personal and individual movement training.

It is important to me, that people get a new personal access to their body and through this to be able to appreciate and enjoy it more.

I live and work in Berlin. My personal balance I find since many years in regular times of contemplation and further education in the winter in Asia.

2010-2012: Formation as a non medical alternative practioner in Berlin/Germany
Practical Courses: Institut Hanne Edling, Berlin
Revision Courses: Brigitte Bodammer, Hanne Edling, Katja Gräbner (Samuel-Hahnemann-Schule)

Learned Styles

2004:    “Traditionel Thai Massage Southern Style”
2006:    “Traditionel Thai Massage Northern Style”
2007:    “Thai Traditional Massage with the feet” with Ralph Marzen, “Thai Massage meets Osteopathy” with Arnaud L Hermitte, “Thai Massage Basic Skills” with Keijo Yajuma
2008: “Thai Massage Advanced”
2009: “Thai Massage in Side Position” with Felicity Joy, “Dynamic Thai Yoga Massage” with David Lutt, Head and Neck ………….Massage with Dot, “Abdominal Chi Massage” with Doris Kolling
2010: “Sen Line Therapie + Asian Anatomy” with Kaline Alayna Kelly
2011: “Traditional Thai Massage” Individual Training with Mr. Nat
2013: “Thai Sen Energy Lines” with Felicity Joy
2014: “Tok-Sen Thai Accupoint Tapping “ with Wanchai Ragsapanawan , “Ancient Thai Massage” with Rahul Barti
2015: “Neck, Shoulder, Head” with Bob Haddad , “Advanced Thai Yoga Massage ” (Nerve Touch) with Jack Chaiya
2016: ”Osteothai for the internal organs and their relation to the body” with David Lutt
2017: ”Osteothai: Transformation Through Touch, Shock and trauma: Palpation & axial integration” with David Lutt and …………Jörg Schürpf

Training Locations:

“Wat Pho Thai Tradition Massage School” Bangkok/Thailand
“School of Thai Massage” im “Old Medical Hospital” Chiang Mai/Thailand
“Sunshine Massage School & Network” Chiang Mai/Thailand
“Loi-Kroh Thai Massage School” Chiang Mai/Thailand
“Suppatra Lamphunpong Thai Trad. Massage” Chiang Mai/Thailand
“Kunchamnan Family Massage School” Chiang Mai/Thailand
“The Healing Hands Center” Pondycherry/India (Tamil Nadu)


2006: “The Radiance Technique®: Authentic Reiki®”, 1.Degree
2008: “Ayurvedic Accupressure Massage” with Kalyani in Auroville/India
2008 bis 2011: Studies in “Polarity-Therapie” and “The Glorious Body” with Mikael Spector in Auroville/India
2009 “Shiatsu Step 1″
2012-13: “Deeper then Touch Training” Level 1+2 with Prahulla Antje Wilhelm

Training Locations:

”Heilzentrum Ulrike Wolf”, Berlin
“Quiet Healing Center”, Auroville/India (Tamil Nadu)
“Europäisches Shiatsu Institut”(ESI), Berlin
“Shangri-La Center”, Štědrá-Lažany/Czech Republic


1987-88: Contemporain and Modern Dance (Roberto Galvan, Ricki v. Falken, Joseph Tmim) , Ballet (Libby Farr),  Laban-Movement Studies and Improvisation (Antja Kennedy), Contact Improvisation (Dieter Heitkamp, Bruno Stefanoni,  Ka Rustler), Body-Mind Centering® (Linda Hartley u.a.)
1989-93: Contemporain Dance Education with Diplom: Dance Technique (Trude Cone, Ria Highler, Eileen Standley, Kay Izlar, Jeanette Leentvaar, Donald Fleming), Exploration and Improvisation (Laurie Booth u.a., Composition a. Choreographie (Yoshiko Chuma, Katie Duck) , Theorie a. Analysis (Jeroen Fabius u.a), Stage and Light Technique

1992-continuing: my education in GYROTONIC®/GYROKINESIS®
1993: Contemporain Dance Technique (Michael Beards, Krishna Lee Hanks,Grace Bellel)
1994-99: Video Dance (Marc Tompkins), Physical Theatre (Nigel Charnok), Dance Dramaturgy (André Lepecki), Contemporain Dance Technique ( Felix Ruckert, Ricki v. Falken and others)
2006: Video Dance Futher Education with Andrea Keitz (Berlin), at the Festival: “kontaktbudapest”
2008: “The Glorious Body” – Dance Integration of the 5 Elements, Mikael Spector
2003-2011: Contact Improvisation, Guest Participation at HfMdK Frankfurt with Prof. Dieter Heitkamp

Work Experience and Dance Productions

since 1988 professionel experience as Dancer/Choreographer and Dance Teacher
1991 “No mans land” Dance Video and Performance
1992/1993 “On the sleepers of running time”” at theater 89 in Berlin and SNDO Amsterdam
1994 “Stranger than love” Company: Fusion en bloc (Thomas Mauk)
1998 “8to8″ Dance Video

Dance Educational Work

1996 Kulturzentrum Eisenhüttenstatt
2002 Summer University Marseille
2008 Christian German School, Chiang Mai

Training Locations

“Tanzfabrik Berlin” Berlin
“SNDO/SNDD” “School for New Dance Development” (AHK Amsterdam/NL (Amsterdamer Hochschule der Künste)
“White Clouds Studio” New York/USA
“Movement Research Studio” New York/USA
“Perry Dance Studio” New York/USA
“Dans Werkplaats“ Amsterdam/NL
“Dock 11“ Berlin
“HfMdK Frankfurt am Main“
“Quiet Healing Center” Auroville/India (Tamil Nadu)

Meditation Retreats in Thailand and Australia ( Vipassana and Thai Forest Tradition) :
1997-2014: Wat Suan Mokkh, Chaiya /ThailandBodhinyana Forest Monastry/ Perth,Western Australia,
Wat Pa Baan Taad/ Thailand Wat Doi Suthep/ Chiang Mai, Thailand , Wat Kow Tham/ Ko Panghan ,Thailand 

Open Dharma Retreats:
2015,-16,-17: Anantha Niketan Ashram/ Tiruvannamalai/ Indien 
2016: Gedenkstätte Ravensbrück
2018 Arava Desert, Israel

2000: Year Group: “The experienced breath” with Prof. Ilse Middendorf, Berlin
1998-2002: Tai-Chi (Th.Karthaus) , Karate (Ch. Gutz) and Feldenkrais (Diverse), Berlin

My Thanks And Recommendations

My thanks goes to all people, who gave me impulses and knowledge for my work and supported me on my life journey.

At this point I want as well to refer to very valued colleagues of mine, with whom I work(ed) or learn(ed) together for a long time and which I can highly recommend.

Gabrielle is a bodytherapist with a beautiful practice space overvieving Berlin near Oberbaumbrücke. She is specialized in psychosomatic themes and I highly recommend her work and to meet her there.
Gabrielle Riess
Body Therapist, Berlin
Dodo and Rosella are my dear friends in India. I am grateful to had been able to widen my skills through them. Both are great therapist and work in the center below.
Rosella Bovani
Dodo Bethscheider
Quiet Healing Cente
Auroville, India
Ilka had been a compagnion since many years. She invited me frequently to teach in her studio and encouraged me to develop the "Intuitive Thai Massage" formats I am teaching up till today. She is an amazing life affirming and positive person and a great teacher and therapist. Visit her in her studio and take a session there.
Ilka Singendonk
Teacher for Yoga&Drums
Massage Therapist
Director Studio Miriya, Troisdorf
Anke had been my accompanying master trainer for the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® since 2002. She is a beautiful humble and authentic person and in my eyes one of the most competent trainers and teacher of the system in Europe.
Anke Hauerstein
Mastertrainerin Berlin
Kai and Marion founded the "Somatische Akademie" in Berlin. I am grateful to offer Intuitive the "Meridian Thai Massage" Training in in this beautiful space. Both of them are excellent teachers and I recommend to take their classes or trainings there.
Marion Kai
Kai Erhardt
Marion Evers
Somatic Teachers , Directors
Somatische Akademie Berlin
I met Mikael first time in 2008 in India and studied the following years regulary with him. He opened up a special understanding to the body energies to me. I recommend him as a therapist and teacher.
Mikael Spector
Polarity Therapist, Dancer,
Pondycherry, India

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