Massages & Bodywork

The main emphasis in my treatments is using the practice of  Thai Meridian massage. In this Massage , ten main energy lines (sip sen) are treated according to the individual physicaI themes. I use both traditional and contemporary techniques (Dynamic and Osteothai Massage). In addition, I offer  treatments or combinations , where I incorporate as well the knowledge and approach  of other  bodywork methods I learned. 

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The GYROTONIC® EXPANSION SYSTEM®  is a modern training method that consists of three-dimensional motion sequences with corresponding breathing patterns. For this  initially one main device was developed, called the Pulley Tower Unit / PCTU.  It allows the trainee complete freedom of movement. 
I offer a guided training on this “movement instrument” , which can be tuned both in general or specifically to all individual body issues (for example, back, shoulder complaints, scoliosis).
Exercises can then be practiced without an equipment at home as well.

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Movement & Dance

This offer is for anyone who either wish a personal movement class or want to make  experiences with others in a group.
The idea and goal is to connect playfully and with joy with one’s own body and through this  to come back into balance and in an originally centered state. 
In this classes I use my experience from more than 20 years of movement and dance.

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