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Thai Meridian Massage is an full body massage technique from Thailand based on the Traditional Thai Massage (TTM) called Nuad Phaen Boran ‘Ancient Healing Touch’. I practice this (also called Thai Yoga Massage) method mainly in a dynamic moving and intuitive form, which I have developed from the variety of my further education in Asia with different teachers as the essence of my bodywork.

In massage, ten main energy lines (sip sen) are stimulated with his appropriate points. In the combination of gentle pressure massage and stretching of the body, blockages and tension are released. This can re-energize the body’s energy at many levels: the body’s mobility can expand, blood circulation can improve, the body can detoxify, and the nervous system can be balanced.

The massage takes place thinly dressed on a floor mat. I use my palms, fingers, arms, legs with my body weight in an effective way. The massage takes place thinly dressed on a floor mat. I use my palms, fingers, arms, legs with my body weight effectively. The massage goes through the entire body: from a lying to a lateral and then to sitting position – from the feet, from there to upper body and head / face.

With the Thai Meridian Massage, I found a wonderful way to balance the active processes of life in a passive form. The practice is like a dance duet for me in which the recipient can remain completely inactive.

Thai Yoga Massage based on the Traditional Thai Massage (TTM) originated in India (the founder: Shivago Komarpaj was the doctor of the  Buddha) and was brought to Thailand more than two thousand years ago as part of the spiritual practice of Buddhism. Having developed together with Traditional Thai Medicine, it contains elements of Yoga, Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. From the perspective of Traditional Thai Medicine, the body’s health is sustained through a balance of the elements: earth (bones, muscles, organs), water (all bodily fluids),fire (body temperature, metabolic and catabolic processes), wind (breath and circulation processes). From this traditional point of view, the body remains healthy only when there is a balance of the basic elements of life.

75 min / trial  ………………… 75 €
90 min/ regular………………85€ 
120 min/ deep………………..95€ 
Mobile Service ( at your place within Berlin S-Ring)………………+25


In my massages, but also in individual sessions of shorter to longer duration, I use the following methods:

Meridian Healing Touch: Activating the body’s self-healing powers by touching / flowing energetic key points of the body (based on different meridian systems). I use this method as a therapist, but also as a way for the recipient to practice a method at home alone.

“Polarity Therapy” based on “The Glorious Body”: Relating to the elements with different qualities of touch I treat and connect corresponding body parts. You find some further description here.

Deeper Then Touch (based on Psychic Massage): A combination of energy work, massage and meditation that leads back into a state of in-itself resting. Male female and central energies are invited into a space of trust and acceptance by the presence of touch

Ayurveda: Doshas, elements, marma, acupressure points and elements of ayurvedic massage, which accompany me through my numerous stays in India again and again.

60 min./ trial class : 60    € 
75 min. /trial class:  75 € 
90 min:  85 €
120 min:  95 €.