Individual Movement

This offer is for anyone who wants an individual movement class. Every movement experience and every age is possible.

In this class I use my experience from more than 20 years of movement and dance.

In the beginning I propose and give movements and exercises with or without music, which then can be developed in the course of the class through the impulses of the moving/exercising person in an individual form.

At the beginning, we slowly warm ourselves up, lying on the ground.

From this we move into a standing position. Standing, we practice movements for the coordination and changing of the use of the weight of the legs and feet in order to move from there into the room with a final sequence of movements.

This sequence integrates the preceding elements and the impulses of the moving / exercising person in time, space and form (for example, in lines, circling, careful – slow, hesitant, fast – limited to a room area or across the room).

The aim and the idea of this individual movement training is to meet one’s own body in a playful and joyful way and to come from there into a balanced and original centered state .

60 minutes: 55 €

90 minutes: 85 €

Group Dance

In preparation: a monthly dance improvisation evening

Currently, I also offer contact improvisation one to two times a month in a weekly group of men in the Village Community Center Berlin.


Contact Improvisation in the Village: 11 € ( 7 € for Members)