Since 2008 I offer trainings of different length in Thai Yoga Massage with the focus on the thai meridians and the intuitive application of massage skills within this system as a body map.

Intuitive Thai Meridian Massage (ITMM) Training 2021/22

8 weekends  ( each 11 hours)
to the inside: centering – deepening – sensing
to the outside: moving – touching – connecting 


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PART 1 Introduction:

Part 1 – Module 1: Saturday 04. – Sunday 05. September 2021
Part 1 – Module 2: Saturday 09. – Sunday 10. October 2021

Part 1 – Module 3: Saturday 13. – Sunday 14. November 2021

Part 1 – Module 4: Saturday 11. – Sunday 12. December 2021

PART  2 Foundation:

Part 2 – Module 5: Saturday 26 – Sunday 27 February 2022
Part 2 – Module 6: Saturday 26 – Sunday 27 March 2022

Part 2 – Module 7: Saturday 23 – Sunday 24 April 2022

Part 2- Module 8: Saturday 21.- Sunday 22.May 2022


Module 1-3 and Module 5-7 :
Saturday 10h- 17.30 h  incl. 1 hour lunchbreak  (ca. 6.5 hours)/ Sunday  10h – 15.30 h incl. 1 hour lunchbreak (ca. 4.5 hours ) 

Module 4 and Module 8 :
Saturday 10h – 16.30 h  incl. 1 hour lunchbreak  (ca. 5.5 hours)/ Sunday  10h – 16.30 h incl. 1 hour lunchbreak (ca. 5.5 hours ) 

8 times 11 hours = 88 hours of education

Place: Somatische Akademie/ Yoga und Stimme 4.Floor in the 2.Backyard
Paul Linke Ufer 30, 10999 Berlin

PART 1 (Module 1-4): Introduction into ITMM Massage / Basic Priciples of Touch
This  part leads through all possible massage positions and allows the participants to practice a complete massage sequence from foot to head.

        • Part 1 Introduction- Module 1: Thai Massage Practice 1
          Focus on Prone Position (laying on the back)) + Facemassage
        • Part 1 Introduction- Module 2: Thai Massage Practice 2
          Focus: Side Position and use of foot for the massage
        • Part 1 Introduction- Module 3: Thai Massage Practice 3
          On the  Belly Position and sitting position + Deepening Use of Arm/Hand/ Ellbow(Ellbogen+Knie) Additional: Thai Cultural Background
        • Part 1 Introduction- Module 4: Thai Massage Practice 4
          Focus on Sittig Position+ Transition into lying Position ( shoulder -neck massage ) Integration/Summary and massage with all elements of the introductory part


      PART 2 (Modules 4-6): Energy und Meridian Work / Deepening abilities of intuitive touch
      This part deepens and complements the learned practical skills of Part 1 by getting to know the essential course of the ten Thai meridians and gives intuitive impulses for their direct application in practice.

          • Part 2 Deepening-Module 5: Deepening and Thai Meridian Learning 1
            Focus: Centering and Balancing the left and right body side
          • Part 2 Deepening-Module 6: Deepening and Thai Meridian Learning 2
            Focus: Detoxification and Balancing of the emotional body
          • Part 2 Deepening-Module 7: Deepening and Thai Meridian Learning 3
            Focus: Balancing of the emotional Body
          • Part 2 Deepening-Module 8: Deepening and Thai Meridian Learning Focus: Special symptoms in the belly area + Qualities of the four elements
            Integration and Final Massage with all elements from the introduction and Deepening Part
  • The succesfull participationover  the 88 hours of the training is attested in a certificate. 

Price for 88 hours of teaching, general textbook and videos of the formation  

Early Bird unti the 9th of June 2021: 990 € (i.e. 123,75 € / we)
Basic Price: 1250 € (i.e. 156,25 € / we)
Installments: 8 x 160 €

In addition, optional appointments for practicing and repeating are offered between the weekend

  • for people, who are looking for a balancing and effective method  to support physical movement ability  and relaxation
  • for movement and yoga practioner, who are looking for a new, individual, Hearing access and who want to deepen their practice
  • for educators and health practioners , looking for a further education, which combines  practical abilities   and the ones own intuitive potential.
  • for interested people of other somatic methods, who want to widen their perspective and experience.

On this trial and practice day we invite you to get to know the basics of the Intuitive Thai Meridian Massage. We combine the demonstration of  massage sequences of the training  with getting to know some aspects of the Thai energy pathways on a map inside the body. We explore the possible freedom that comes with trusting principles of touch and our intuition, beyond just learned choreographic movements.

The trial and practice day gives an impression of the “Intuitive Thai Meridian Basic Education”. The curriculum of the training will be presented as well, you can have a look on the manuals  and there will be time for questions.

Following Dates  are offered

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7.May 2021,  18-21h
6.June 2021, 15-18h
20.August 2021, 18-21h



Foto von Ulrike Rüb

“A wonderful opportunity to gain basic knowledge in the ITMM, and this training, structure and concept has inspired me to get more involved with ITMM”  
-a gymnastics teacher and bodywork therapist

“I especially liked the connection between physically tangible (musculature, bones) and energetic healing (meridians) and the relaxed learning atmosphere.” 
-a physiotherapist and movement teacher

What I liked was a lot of practice. Distribution and Distance between training times and a good exchange with the other participants. A nice training program and a great atmosphere.” -a physiotherapist